Profit from your Venue with No Cost Up-Front?

Start now with a complete vending machine service and a $50 Sign-On bonus.

About Us

We are a personalized, modern take on the vending machine business with an emphasis on technology and user interface. The headaches associated with vending machines are gone and we are here to change things up with custom offers , each being at zero cost to you! Struggling with the harsh after effects that COVID-19 has left on the business community? Let us help by bringing in additional income for you as soon as tomorrow with no cost to you!

Focused on offering more service not only to our customers, but to the community as well, our Vend a Helping Hand initiative is an example of our greatest charge; to do right by our clients and give back to the community that supports us

We are proud to support alternative payment methods such as Apple Pay as well as cryptocurrency in order to entice consumers. We are currently working on a solution to upgrade our own machines to accept BTC for any transaction so customers can pay how they want.

100% Guarantee

24/7 Support

Quick Installation

Repair and Service

Eco Friendly

Our Packages

CT Vending offers a variety of packages tailored to suit your business needs. Our goal is to be more flexible than the other guys so we can work together with you on an invidual basis. Whether you want to maximize your total profits or have more options to work with, we have something that will work for you.

Package 1
  • 5% Cut of Gross Profit
  • 10% Donated to Nearest Food Bank
  • Choice of 2 Custom Selections
  • 24/7 Support and Maintenance
Package 2
  • 10% Cut of Gross Profit
  • 10% Donated to Nearest Food Bank
  • $50 Sign-On Bonus
  • 24/7 Support and Maintenance
Package 3
  • 15% Cut of Gross Profit
  • 5% Donated to Nearest Food Bank
  • 24/7 Support and Maintenance

Services We Offer

Our team strives to offer a number of services to suit the particular needs of your staff or customers. Interested in something we haven't listed? Just ask us and we'll be able to work something out!